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We know there's lots of questions that students want answering so we've put together our most Frequently Asked Questions & the answers below.

If you're question hasn't been answered please use the form at the bottom of this page and we'll answer you as soon as we can.  You never know, your question may just help someone else so we may add it to the FAQ's below too.

  • Is the venue wheelchair friendly?

The Veritas building, where most of the craft courses take place is wheelchair accessible and has a lift installed. This building was built in 2016 and therefore is very mobility friendly. However, the Student Houses were built in the 1800's and have steps outside as well as steps and stairs inside. Whilst the school may be able to provide ramps to allow access to the house, we cannot guarantee that the room allocated would be on a level floor with toilet and showering facilities. Potential students may be able to join the retreat on a non-residential basis but transport and accommodation would be the responsibility of the student. If this is an option you are considering please use the form below to discuss this further.

  • When can we swim?

The swimming pool is open to Craft Retreat Guests during the school's membership open times. However, Curious Creatives cannot guarantee the times for 2023 until we arrive on site and confirm with the school.

  • I don't know anyone and I'm nervous about joining the retreat. 

Many students came to the retreat on their own to begin with and, just like you, they were nervous about the place, the crafts, the tutors, the venue, the food, the accommodation and much more. Curious Creatives have identified return students who have kindly volunteered to be a buddy for anyone new to the Craft Retreat. We will be able to introduce your buddy to you a couple of weeks before the start of the retreat so that you can get to know each other. With your permission, we'll facilitate the exchange of contact details so that you and your buddy can arrange where to meet and what time they'll be there.

  • Do I have to share a dormitory with strangers?

There are a limited number of single and twin rooms available for a supplementary fee. However, if you are willing to share with someone else you could end up making life-long friends and having wonderful memories to talk about. Also, the dormitories are actually a lot more spacious and not every bed will be taken.

  • Can I share a room with friends if we pay separately?

Absolutely! When you book you will be asked if there is anyone you'd particularly like to share with. Just let us know their names and we'll do our very best to make sure you're all together.

  • Can I join a course even if I've never tried the craft before?

You certainly can! Our tutors are experienced in their craft and are able to adapt their projects for beginners, improvers and experience students. Just let us know your level of experience and we'll be able to pass that on to your tutor.

  • I'm experienced in the crafts available, will I still learn?

We are confident that you will learn something new on your chosen craft, even if you are already experienced. Our tutors are very skilled in their craft and are able to adapt their projects for beginners, improvers and experienced students. Just let us know your skill level and we'll let the tutors know.

  • What are 'Taster Sessions'?

As students are committed to one course for three days we've recognised the desire for most to try another craft for an hour or two in the evening. So, on Tuesday and Wednesday evening some of the tutors will offer a short project for students to enroll on. The taster sessions are an additional cost and usually between £10 - £25 depending on the craft. All taster sessions are inclusive of materials and use of tools. When you arrive for the retreat, the sign-up sheets for the sessions will be kept by the Student Information Board and available to book on to whilst at the retreat. Please note, tutors may have to limit spaces due so be quick to sign up!

  • Are there any en-suite facilities at all?

No. All toilet and shower facilities are shared, but they are all in individual cubicles and therefore privacy is maintained. The are no open/exposed showers in any of the houses. Which is a relief as it means we still have our dignity here at Curious Creatives.

  • I've bought my ticket but now I can't go.  What can I do?

Please refer to the Event Refund Policy. A link to this can be found at the bottom of every page on the website.

  • I bought a ticket and now see a promotion.  Can I get a refund on the difference?

Just like alot of other businesses, Curious Creatives runs different promotions throughout the year and along with it promotional emails are sent out to advertise the special deals. If a full-price ticket or product has been purchased within 14 days of the promotion, guests and customers may request a refund of the difference. In the case of a ticket for an event, course or workshop that was purchased more than 14 days before the promotion, guests may cancel the original ticket to obtain a full refund. Guests are then welcome to re-book using the promotional discount (*providing the promotion is still in date and valid). However, upon cancelling the original ticket, guest's place on the event, course and/or workshop, will also be cancelled. The original place cannot be guaranteed on the re-booked ticket. Curious Creatives will not automatically provide the refund or cancellation. Each request for a refund/cancellation to re-book will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • My question isn't answered above...

If you're thinking it, then it's highly likely someone else has thought it too. So, drop us an email by clicking the link below. You may be helping someone else by asking so don't be shy. We may even add your question to our FAQ's!

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