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Tutor Focus - Fiona Potter - Mixed Media Artist (pt2)

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Image of Mixed Media Art by Fiona Potter

Continuing on from the previous blog where Fiona told us all about her Perfect Day Week, we get to find out about her most treasured memories, her favourite word and her cute, little quirks!

So Fi, what’s your most treasured memories?

Image of hands holding a heart

“Oh, there’s too many to choose from! The day I met my husband and we both fell hook, line and sinker in love. We’ve not been apart since and we’re now 43 years married. We’re still madly in love with each other now.

Giving birth to my sons is definitely in the ‘treasured memory bank’. And, the two days I became a grandparent. My heart flipped and skipped, and I fell in love all over again. So wonderful. I simply enjoy being a wife, mother and grandmother.”

Fiona, you’re too adorable! You’re actually making my heart melt. Let’s move on to your favourite word? Do you have one? *cue loud laughter* “You really want me to answer that? Come on Sue, you know me better than ask me to be honest with that one! Another thing my mum used to laugh language was 50 shades of 🤬 “

Hahahaaa, yes I should have known better than to ask you that Fi! Oops! Sorry peeps. Swiftly moving on to cute, little quirks. We’ve all got them (though not everyone will find them cute, I know). What’s yours Fi? “Oh know I’m cringing with this one, but I’ll confess. I’m an inadvertent Gurner! Oh my goodness, my concentration face has been captured more times than I can bear to think🤣🤣🤣. Please don’t post any pictures of me gurning Sue. Please!!”

You’re okay Fi, I searched the archives, and I don’t actually have any! *Note to self – take photo’s on the Curious Creatives Craft Retreats! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Fi a bit more and I hope you have too. Check yout the next blog where I continue asking Fiona about her longest project, movies, favourite times of the day and what she would spend £10 million on.

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