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Fleur Hastings

Hi my name is Fleur Hastings and I am the Designer and creator behind Rocks n Chains.
I have loved jewellery since I was a little girl, but unfortunately I could never afford the gorgeous
pieces I longed to own, so the next best thing was to learn to make them. I decided in my early
30’s to make jewellery making and teaching my full time job.
I am very passionate about showing people how to make their own pieces of jewellery and I get
so much reward from seeing people who may have never made jewellery before or had a go at
Chain Maille create something that they are so proud of. I have been incredibly lucky to have
made my passion for jewellery making into a full time job that has seen me work on Craft
television programmes for over 8 years as well as travel the country showing wonderful people
how to create stunning pieces of jewellery. I would love to show you how fabulous the art of chain
maille is and how with just a few pairs of jewellery pliers and circles of metal you can create the
most amazing pieces of wearable art. This medium is for everyone and I would love to meet you
at the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat

Fleur Hastings
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