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Fleur Hastings

Hey there, I'm Fleur Hastings, the creative mind behind Rocks 'n' Chains and Relax 'n' Craft!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've had a deep passion for jewellery that sparkles and tells a story. However, like many of us, I often found myself gazing at those exquisite pieces in stores, just out of reach. So, what did I do? I decided to roll up my sleeves and learn how to craft those beauties myself!
In my early 30s, I took the leap and made jewellery making not just a hobby, but my full-time calling. It's been an incredible journey that's filled my life with joy and creativity. But here's what truly sets my heart on fire – sharing the art of jewellery making with others!

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of guiding someone, who may have never dipped their toes into the world of jewellery crafting, to create something they're genuinely proud of. From newbie creators to brave souls ready to conquer Chain Maille, I've witnessed countless people tap into their inner artists and craft dazzling pieces of wearable art.

My journey has taken me to amazing places, both literally and figuratively. Over the past eight years, I've been fortunate enough to grace the screens of Craft television programs, sharing my passion with viewers across the nation. But that's not all. I've crisscrossed the country, bringing the magic of jewellery-making to wonderful people like you.

Now, I want to extend an invitation to you! I want to show you just how fabulous the art of chain maille is.
With just a few pairs of jewellery pliers and some circles of metal, you can unleash your creativity and craft stunning pieces of wearable art. The beauty of this medium is that it's accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience level.

So, if you're ready to embark on a creative journey that's not just fun but also incredibly rewarding, I'd love to meet you at the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat. Let's make memories and jewellery together! 🌟💍✨

Fleur Hastings
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