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Vivien Hussey

Vivien has been crafting for as long as she can remember making felt gonks as a young child, enamel jewellery as a teenager and dabbled in many crafts including quilting, card making and cake decorating while her children grew up and she taught maths at secondary school. However, none of them grabbed her the way beading, and wirework jewellery did when she started 7 years ago.
She has now been beading for 7 years and designing and teaching for the last 5. She is an eclectic designer able to design for a specific bead or specification, or to satisfy her own need for sparkle and jewellery or because she had a great idea while driving (a lot of good ideas arrive while driving). She loves colour and favours clean lines, not too much frill but lots of sparkle and is as happy with asymmetry as symmetry. She loves the designs of the Art Deco period.
Vivien is also fascinated by patterns and puzzling out how to fit different shaped beads together with a workable thread path. She loves a challenge. Some of you may know her through her work at Spoilt Rotten Beads or met her teaching mini workshops at the last 5 Big Bead Shows at Sandown.

Vivien will be designing an exclusive pattern for the retreat to encompass the course aims.

Vivien Hussey

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