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Tutor Focus - Caroline Casswell - Polymer Clay Artist

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

This blog edition of Tutor Focus is shining on the wonderful Caroline Casswell.

Portrait Profile Picture of Caroline Casswell
Caroline Casswell

She’s our incredible Polymer Clay Artist and her projects for the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat are creative, accessible and inspiring.

I met Caroline several years ago through a mutual friend, Claire. Claire hadn't stopped talking about how marvellous Caroline was and how I'd be amazed at her creative talents so when I walked in to Caroline's home I had great expectations. I was not disappointed! Oh my goodness! Caroline's home is quirky, fun, unique and stimulating - exactly like Caroline herself. I was completely captivated by her studio and mesmerised by her projects. Just like myself, Claire, and most of us creative types, Caroline had several projects on the go. There was mosaics, polymer clay, jewellery, painting... and so much more.

Flowers and Landscape mosaic artwork by Caroline Casswell
Original Mosaic Art by Caroline Casswell

I have to confess slightly here (my sincere apologies to both Claire & Caroline). I did not take in a lot of what Caroline was saying, in truth, I heard very little of what she was talking to me about. My eyes were so distracted by the marvellous sights that my brain could no longer keep up with what I was seeing and pretty much turned off every other sense in my body. Thankfully we went to lunch together and I was able to regain control of my hearing. Caroline is very easy to sit and natter with, and we had a delightful afternoon eating, chatting and connecting.

Since then, I've been on a polymer clay workshop hosted by Caroline and it was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable days I've had. Her guidance, explanations and ability to pass on her creative knowledge means you can't help but have a great time. So, when planning the Craft Retreat I knew that I had to have Caroline in my team of tutors. Thank goodness she said Yes! I'm so pleased that you will have the opportunity to meet her, learn from her and create with her.

Unique Polymer Clay creation by Caroline Casswell - Red 'Unstoppable Creative' pin badge
Polymer Clay "Unstoppable Creative"

You can find out more about Caroline's course by clicking the Pink Button below.

I wanted to learn more about this lovely lady so I asked her to tell me a bit more about herself, especially where she gets her creativity and inspiration from. Here's what she told us...

I am a self-taught artist, greatly encouraged by my mother and siblings.

As a child, there was always a vast selection of materials to play with, paint, clay, fabric, dressing up box etc. and we, as children, were all encouraged to experiment. This has become a great theme in my adult life too. The main areas of creativity that I have focused on in the last 10 years have been in polymer clay, mosaic and paper cut collage.

However I have a list of other activities that I have done before, Screen printing, sewing, pottery and lino cut print, that I would be happy to go back to and many more that I would like to try!!!

My passion for colour is a driving factor in my work.

About 20 years ago, my brother gave me some glaze paints, I painted some spare white tiles and then decided to make mosaic out of them. My passion for mosaic was born! I began with mirror frames, experimented, played and developed my skills. It's been a wonderful journey. In the last few years I have been firing my projects in a kiln making them more durable for outside projects. It's so much fun and so exciting to move the style into an art form.

The same brother a few years later gave me the collection of Fimo clay packets, I played with them for about a year, creating my own style, but then heard of a three day course, where I was introduced to so many new techniques my clay world expanded greatly and so I have found myself slightly obsessed since... well, approximately 15 years ago! 👀😉

We've learnt quite a lot about Caroline and her passion for being curiously creative. But I want to know what her 'Perfect Day' would consist of and what she thinks of being a tutor.

The Perfect day (actually more than one day would be even better!!) for me it would be to spend time with my closest friends, walking, talking, creating, eating and laughing.

Sharing my knowledge, is so rewarding. It is so exciting seeing someone achieve a skill that they had not tried before.

There is always a moment in the class when someone says "this is so therapeutic". It makes me smile."

I really enjoyed finding out a lot more about our Polymer Clay Tutor, Caroline Casswell, and I hope you have too.

You can find out more about Caroline's course by clicking the Pink Button below.

Caroline's work can be seen in various shops around the country

Weaving and Knitting shop, Peebles

Just Canny 126, Whitley Bay

Fish out of Water, Wotton-under-edge

Green Space, Plymouth

The Upcycled Home, Mount Edgcombe Park

Inspire makers, Falmouth:

and online at:



Go check out Caroline's website as she runs workshops throughout the year and is involved in several Art Trails (they sound like so much fun)!


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