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Mixed Media Sculpture
Mixed Media Sculpture
Mixed Media Sculpture

Rosie Casselden

Under the expert guidance of renowned artist Rosie Casselden, uncover the secrets of creating a mesmerising, large-scale fish sculpture that promises to be a statement piece for either your indoor haven or garden oasis.

This three-day odyssey into the arts is not just a course; it is an adventure into the depths of your creativity. You'll begin by sketching the tides of your imagination, designing your unique fish, and laying the foundation that brings your vision to life. But, what’s an artistic journey without a bit of magic? Here’s where the enchanting world of Powertex enters the scene.

As a versatile and eco-friendly medium, Powertex will be your alchemy. It transforms simple materials into a weather-resistant sculpture that braves the elements as gracefully as any fish in the sea. Learn to master this extraordinary textile hardener, sculpting and texturing your creation, and giving it a vibrant life of its own.

With Rosie’s expert tutelage, you'll layer, texture, and colour your aquatic masterpiece, using a mix of materials that will spark your imagination like the ocean sparks the sky. Whether you're a seasoned artist or dipping your toes into new waters, this course is tailored to inspire, educate, and elevate your artistic journey.

Your sculpture will not just be an artifact; it will be a symbol of transformation, resilience, and the boundless nature of creativity. Perfect for both indoor admiration and as a sentinel in your garden, this piece will forever remind you of the journey you embarked on with us.

Join us at Curious Creatives Craft Retreat for a spellbinding experience, rich with art, nature, and camaraderie. Nurture your creative spirit, breathe in the inspiration of the surrounding woodlands and fields, and let your artistic currents flow.

Spaces are as coveted as a rare pearl, so dive in now to secure your spot in this transformative Mixed Media Fish Sculpture course. Unleash your creativity and let it swim in the vast ocean of possibility!

Mixed Media Sculpture
Mixed Media Sculpture


*Additional material cost approximately 


Payable on retreat direct to tutor

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