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Connie Flower

An Introduction to Pyrography: The Art of Woodburning

This beginner 3-day pyrography course is designed to introduce students to the art of woodburning. Over
the course of several sessions, pyrography artist and tutor, Connie, will guide you through the
fundamentals of this wonderful craft, including safety guidelines, equipment usage, basic
techniques, and project execution. Through a combination of demonstrations, hands-on practice,
and individual projects, students will develop the necessary skills and confidence to create their own
woodburning masterpieces.

Topics covered in this 3 day course:
• Safety guidelines
• An introduction to the Peter Child pyrography kit
• Material and surface preparation
• Understanding the pyrography points and their uses
• How to change, clean and create your own pyrography points
• Ways to transfer a design template to wood, including text
• Experimenting with a variety of paints to add colour
• How to seal, protect and display finished works

During the course, students will burn their chosen designs onto a number of functional homeware
items, such as wooden dishes, chopping boards, and more! There will also be an opportunity to add
a touch colour, transforming them into unique and visually captivating pieces of art.

A range of design templates will be available but if students prefer to draw their own designs, they
are more than welcome to do so.

Projects include:
• Practice tones, textures, and shading techniques
• Small items include a keyring and coaster
• Larger items include a wooden dish and chopping boards

Students can take all their finished pieces home with them. Some items will be suitable for everyday
use in the kitchen, or you may prefer to display your makes as pieces of art in your home.

All projects are suitable for beginners with no prior pyrography experience. Connie will guide you
through every step of the process, ensuring you feel confident and capable, and leave the retreat
with a newfound love for a very therapeutic craft!

When booking onto this course, please let us know of any prior experience of using a pyrography pen that you have.

Advisory note: Pyrography is a slow craft as it utilises a high heat pen to burn onto wood. This pen
can cause harm when used without proper care and precaution. Users assume all risk and
responsibility, for themselves and those around them, when taking part in this activity



*Additional material cost approximately 


Payable on retreat direct to tutor

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