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 Curious- a desire to know or learn something

 Creative- ability to create; see the world a little differently 

Welcome to Curious Creatives, the home of Craft Retreats, Art Subscriptions, Craft Boxes and Arts & Crafts Supplies.

Craft Retreats


My journey into the world of crafts didn't stop there.  I dove into various creative realms, from wirework jewellery to resin art and beyond.  My home studio is a colorful haven, bursting with materials and inspiration, a testament to my undying love for crafting.

Around eight years ago, I discovered my love for teaching.  I began running workshops, both in person and online, sharing my creative craft knowledge with beginners.  The joy I witnessed in my students as they created was infectious.  But I knew there was only one of me, and I couldn't teach everyone everything.  That's when the idea of Curious Creatives Arts and Crafts Retreats was born.

For the past four years, I've been curating unforgettable retreat experiences, bringing together skilled and friendly tutors who excel in their crafts.  Our retreats go beyond a few hours of workshops; they're about nurturing skills and fostering lifelong friendships.  Students come alone but leave with a community of like-minded creatives.

Our retreats offer a rich tapestry of arts and crafts, from millinery and jewellery making to painting, sewing and beyond.  Each retreat is an opportunity to experience new crafts, relax, escape the daily grind, and make lasting memories.

As for me, I'm a curious soul who loves trying new crafts, travelling the world to attend workshops, and pursuing a path to become a coach for neurodivergent solopreneurs in the creative industry.

Curious Creatives Craft Retreats  more than just a retreat; it's an adventure in self-discovery and creativity.


Join us, and let's craft beautiful memories together.

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Hello, I'm Sue, the creative force behind Curious Creatives.


From making doll clothes out of sweet wrappers as a child to designing extravagant costumes for fancy dress parties, creativity has always been my driving force.  However, I briefly traded in my creative dreams for a career in law enforcement.  That is until the allure of burlesque costumes rekindled my artistic passion, and I ventured into the world of fascinators and hat-making.

Art & Craft Supplies

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