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Meet the Tutors
Caroline Casswell Creative

Caroline Casswell

Meet Caroline: a versatile artist weaving magic with polymer clay Jewellery, mesmerising mosaics, and recycled paper art. Explore her world of colour, form, and endless creativity. Dare to embark on an artistic adventure like no other!

Connie Flower

Discover the magic of Connie Flower. Unleash your creativity with a unique and passionate Pyrography artist. Join Connie on an artistic adventure at the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat, she'll leave you inspired and craving more!

Fiona Potter

Meet Fiona Potter: a mixed media maven, published craft queen, and nature-inspired artist extraordinaire. Discover her captivating journey from resin jewellery to highly textured abstract art – and join her in creating your own masterpiece on the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat!" 🔮🎨🌿

Fleur Hastings

Meet Fleur Hastings, the jewellery wizard behind Relax n Craft. From a childhood dream to a thriving jewellery-making career, she's here to inspire you. Discover the magic of chain maille and your inner artist – read her fascinating journey today! ✨💎🌟

Rachel Warrilow

Meet Rachel, the creative force behind The Quirky Quillers! From millinery maven to paper quilling enthusiast, her inspiring journey unfolds in a world of boundless creativity. Discover the magic of paper quilling and Rachel's remarkable story on the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat!

Tracey Spurgin

Meet Tracey, the Master Silver Clay Artist with 24+ years of teaching experience, igniting creativity worldwide. Join her on an artistic journey filled with innovation, inspiration, and endless possibilities with silver clay. Discover more about her captivating story and craft expertise.

Wendy Murphy

Discover Wendy Murphy, a master jeweller and passionate educator in the Forest of Dean, crafting exquisite jewellery in sterling silver and gold. With 13 years of teaching experience, Wendy has empowered countless students to create their own jewellery and even start their businesses. Explore her enchanting world of artistry and inspiration on the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat!

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