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Fed up of 'failed' acrylic paint pours?

Struggling to create a 'successful' paint pour?

Are you like many others' and have given paint pouring, also known as acrylic fluid art, a go thinking it would be easy?

Just mix the acrylic paint with some form of glue recipe and water and away you go.  That's what you've been told right? 

You've poured your first, second or even third piece of art and it just isn't turning out like the photo's you've seen on social media channels?

Your art isn't the masterpiece you'd hoped for and your now feeling deflated and fed up.  Is this you?

Not getting the 'mix' right?

Paint drying with lumps?

You've checked out what 'Jane' on 'Best Paint Pouring' social media channel has to say and her work always looks amazing.  You've written down her recipe, you've bought the supplies and you've mixed it exactly as she does.  Then you pour your paint but it looks like a hot lumpy mess (worse than the lumpy gravy you had as a kid).  So you've gone back to 'Best Paint Pouring' and asked for advice but now you're inundated with new recipes, suggestions of what went wrong, what you 'should' be doing and more 'helpful' advice.  In reality, you're even more confused and feel like giving up.
Does this sound like you? 

Overwhelmed with the amount of techniques?

Dutch, blow, bloom, flip... what???

Arrgh!!! What?  Split, flip, web, and the such... they're just confusing words right?  

How do you know where to start?  Which technique should you focus on first?  What on earth is the swipe?

Did you know that there's over 200 techniques?  And, they're growing!  'Best Paint Pouring' social media channel has just been focusing on the 'Googly-oojamaflip' but you're still stuck on the paint mix and now you're trying to watch videos on the latest technique.


No wonder you're confused!

Frustrated with watching endless videos?

Feeling inspired but don't know where to start?

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Hey, I'm Sue...

Founder of Curious Creatives and
The Paint Pouring Club


By nature I'm curious about everything.  I like to dig deep and understand 'stuff'.  I dissect it, play with it, twist it around and then experiment some more with it.

I'm a creative.  As a kid I loved to use the foil from chocolate easter eggs to make outfits and accessories for my dolls;  I'd test all sorts of glues and tapes to see which I liked best.  At school I was popular with my art teachers as I'd like to push the boundaries and go BIG.  I remember filling one wall of the art classroom (it was a very big, double height classroom) with a mixed media piece of art.  It was there for 2 years whilst I continued working on it. I researched, experimented, tested, got frustrated and then started again (several times) but I didn't give up.

After school I travelled a bit but then soon found my way into the corporate world and my creative interests were muted.  I still 'played' in the background but not as much as I'd have loved to.  I became a hobby-milliner, a hobby-jeweller and a crafter.  I still thoroughly enjoy those creative outlets and teach regularly.   was exciting me creatively even though I was teaching all of these subjects.  Fast forward 15 years (yes FIFTEEN years) when I 'found' Acrylic Paint Pouring.  Oh My Goodness - HOOKED! 

For the last 6 years I have been researching, experimenting, testing and playing with the wonderful art of paint pouring.  I am in love!  I have created the 'failed pours', mixed the 'worse than lumpy gravy' paint recipe, and taken 'advice from Jane' and others on social media channels.  I've been through the frustration, felt like giving up and wasted more paint supplies than I dare to admit.


But now I'm here!

I'm here to help you!


I'm here to teach you in an easy to understand, planned and structured way.  I created the Paint Pouring Club for you.  It's been tested by a willing group of students who have put me through my paces, tested my skills, challenged my teaching methods and importantly given me great feedback to improve the Paint Pouring Club.

Check out the info below!

What's the Paint Pouring Club?

What's it got to offer?

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Why join the Club?

Here's why...

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How do I sign up?


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