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Silversmith Jewellery
Silversmith Jewellery

Wendy Murphy

Silversmith Jewellery

Wendy will guide and teach you various techniques on this course. The skills required to measure, cut, file, solder, shape and polish are honed throughout the week in subsequent sessions during which you will make a fold-formed piece, an internal fretwork pendant and finally a more complex piece using traditional gem-setting techniques by the end of the week. At every stage of the way you will receive the individual attention and support you require to make your finished pieces to take away.

Materials (copper and silver) used in projects can be purchased from Wendy during the course - approximately £80.

1. Introduction to silver, hallmarking and suppliers
2. Introduction to equipment and tools
3. Health and Safety
Am: Making a D-wire Ring
1. Measuring, cutting and filing
2. Stamping and texturing
3. Soldering, shaping, sanding, polishing

Pm: Fold forming
1. Design and practise on copper sheet
2. Transpose design to sterling silver
3. Make bail and solder and/or earwires in silver

Making a Cut-out piece
1. Cutting – the basics
2. Designing a piece and stages of construction: pendant, keyring with options for fretwork (internal cutting)
3. Bails and soldering
4. Sanding and polishing

Pm: Gem set piece (ring, pendant or earrings)

1. Design and explanation of three stages of soldering
2. (Making the ring shank)
3. Making the bezel to fit the gem
4. Soldering the bezel on to the base plate
5. Soldering the bezel cup to ring (or attaching a bail to pendant, or earring studs/ear wires)

*Materials incur an extra cost

Silversmith Jewellery
Silversmith Jewellery


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