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Silversmith Jewellery
Silversmith Jewellery
Silversmith Jewellery

Wendy Murphy

DAY ONE - Unleash Your Creativity
Morning Session:
Start your craft retreat journey by creating a personalized ring or bangle. You'll have the option to choose between rectangular or D-wire, giving you the perfect canvas to stamp your unique designs. Whether it's an inspiring quote, your initials, or a symbol close to your heart, this piece will reflect your individual style.

Afternoon Session:
Dive deeper into your creative exploration with a hands-on exercise in crafting stacking rings. Discover the world of textures and forms as you experiment with techniques like hammering, sparkling, twisting, and adding granulated embellishments to a delicate thin ring. By the end of the day, you'll have crafted one or more stunning stacking rings that truly showcase your artistic flair.

DAY TWO - Mastering Gem-Setting Wednesday's Focus:
Elevate your jewellery-making skills by learning the art of gem-setting. Using the "pushover" method, you'll set a beautiful cabochon gemstone onto either a ring or a pendant. Wendy will provide a wide selection of gemstones in various colours for you to choose from. Alternatively, if you have a cabochon no larger than 10mm, feel free to bring it along. Please note that sea glass is not suitable for this technique.

DAY THREE - Transforming Metal into Art Thursday's Challenge:
Get ready to take your craft to the next level as you explore the world of cutting and design. Create a stunning piece in either silver or copper, which you can use as a keyring, pendant, or even as a charm that you can attach to the bangle you crafted on Day One. Learn the techniques of efficient cutting, soldering on an additional shape, and making a hole for a bail. The possibilities are limitless, limited only by the 5 hours at your disposal.

Additional Costs: To ensure you have all the necessary materials and support for your craft journey, there will be a modest £20 fee per student. This fee covers essential sundries such as pickle, gas, solder, saw blades, silver postage, and copper for practice. Additionally, silver will be charged at a rate of £1.36 per gram to cover the cost of this precious metal used in your creations.

Get ready to embark on a transformative crafting experience where you'll unlock your artistic potential and leave with beautiful, handcrafted jewellery that's uniquely yours. Join Wendy, and let your creativity shine!

Silversmith Jewellery
Silversmith Jewellery


*Additional material cost approximately 


Payable on retreat direct to tutor

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