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Creative Solutions for Solopreneurs

Do you have a craft business?

Did it start off as a hobby that you loved and 'could make money from'?

Do you have less time to create the fun stuff due to 'running a business'?

Are you feeling like An Imposter in the business world?

Do you feel like you're doing it all on your own and now completely overwhelmed?

Do you just need to talk it through with someone who 'gets it'?

Can't afford to hire staff to do specific roles and wondering how one person can do it all?

Hey there, I'm Sue and I hear you! 

I get where you're at.

You love creating, you love your creations, and you want to make money from your creations.

But, the tech is frying your brain, the financials are fizzing your mind and then you've still got to get past the  dreaded Imposter feeling.

I can help you!  Well, let me be more specific, I can help you 'get over yourself', push forward with how to learn about the tech, identify ways that you can work better with the financials and manage your time all with the grand goal of making you feel more confident, empowered and positive.  In turn, we'll bring back the love and the joy for your creating that initially got you started on your business journey.

I'll help you to become aware of your blind spots.  These are area's of your business that you may not see, but are area's that need improvement.

I will help you to gain (or regain) perspective, provide space for reflection, promote structure and understanding that is important for you in your craft business.  Together we'll establish goals and identify actions that will assist you in achieving those goals.


I help Craft Solopreneurs struggling with business challenges by providing creative solutions that enable them to move forward and make their crafting business enjoyable again.


Support my small business and Buy Me A Coffee

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I've been working with Sue for over a year.  We'd met at the Tribe event, and she's been my Creative Coach ever since.  I really look forward to her upbeat weekly Zoom appointments as I always come away with so much information.  Sue keeps me accountable by helping me set goals and stay positive!


Working with Sue has been a game-changer for me & my business. Sue is enthusiastic, warm-hearted, and provides just the right amount of butt-kicking I need to get stuff done! Since I joined her coaching program for creatives, I have made huge gains not only in my business but in my mindset as well.

Thank you, Sue!

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Discovery Sessions Available

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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