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Rachel Warrilow

Meet Rachel, the creative powerhouse behind The Quirky Quillers!

With a passion for crafting that dates back to her childhood, Rachel's journey from milliner to paper quilling extraordinaire is a tale of rediscovery and unwavering dedication.

For over 12 years, Rachel crafted stunning hats and fascinators for mothers of the bride and groom, but the world of high fashion just wasn't her cup of tea. She's more at home in comfy casuals than glamorous formals! However, necessity sparked innovation, and Rachel decided to try her hand at teaching millinery to diversify her income. Little did she know, this change would ignite her true calling.

Over the years, Rachel has earned a remarkable 59 five-star reviews on Craft Courses, a testament to her exceptional teaching skills and infectious passion for creativity.

When lockdown in 2020 unexpectedly forced her to slow down and reflect, Rachel rediscovered her childhood love for paper quilling, a craft she had adored in the 1980s. The vibrant community of paper artists on social media inspired her to pick up the quilling tool again, and she was instantly hooked!

Now, as the founder of The Quirky Quillers, Rachel has found her creative haven. She's on a mission to inspire people to embrace the magic of paper quilling in their lives. Her online community is a warm and friendly haven for craft enthusiasts, where stories of transformation and creative exploration abound.

Paper quilling is a wonderfully accessible craft that requires no drawing skills. It's quick to start, but the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer delicate details or bold creations, this therapeutic craft invites you to slow down and lose yourself in its artistry. The versatility of quilling knows no bounds, from charming cards and gift tags to intricate framed pictures and breathtaking 3D models.

Rachel understands that quillers come in all skill levels. Whether you're eager to learn the basics or ready to venture into uncharted creative territories, she's got you covered. Rachel's workshops cater to both structured guidance and creative exploration, so feel free to go rogue if inspiration strikes!

So, join Rachel on The Curious Creatives Craft Retreat and engage on a journey of creativity, self-discovery, and the joy of crafting with paper. Unleash your imagination and experience the endless possibilities of paper quilling—it's more than just an art form; it's a therapeutic, fulfilling, and endlessly delightful adventure!

Rachel Warrilow
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