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Rosie Casselden

Rosie Casselden is an accomplished artist renowned for her unique approach to mixed media sculpture. With a career spanning decades, Rosie has honed her craft, specialising in creating vibrant, textured, and engaging pieces that captivate and inspire. Her innovative use of materials, including the notable Powertex medium, has set her apart in the art community.

Rosie's work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and has earned her accolades in the field of contemporary and fine art. She is passionate about sharing her skills, teaching workshops that empower artists of all levels to explore their creativity and develop their techniques. Rosie's dedication to art education and her intuitive approach to teaching make her a beloved figure among her students and peers.

In her artistic journey, Rosie continues to push boundaries, exploring new textures, forms, and concepts, ensuring that each piece she creates is a testament to her commitment to growth and exploration in art.

Rosie Casselden

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