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Masters of Paper Quilling: Artists Transforming Paper into Art

Inspirational Journeys: Celebrating Renowned Paper Quilling Artists

Discover the incredible world of paper quilling through the eyes of master artists. This blog post shines a light on some of the most talented quillers whose work transcends traditional craft, elevating paper quilling to an art form. From intricate anatomical designs to vibrant three-dimensional pieces, these artists push the boundaries of what can be achieved with paper.


  • Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya is a globally recognised artist and illustrator known for her innovative approach to paper art. Her distinct style combines paper quilling and paper graphics to create vivid, expressive pieces. Brodskaya's work has been commissioned by high-profile clients like Starbucks, Google, and The New York Times. Explore her captivating portfolio and learn more about her journey on her website


Paper quilled earrings by Nikitha Yelchuru of Paper Sweetly.  Red and black long drop earrings on a pair of silver coloured shepherd hook findings, placed on a dark brown-grey pebble with a dark grey background.
Sindhu - River by Nikitha Yelchuru
  • Nikitha Yelchuru

Nikitha Yelchuru is a paper quilling artist who moved to California from India a few years ago, and stands out for her exceptional paper jewellery creations.  Her work demonstrates how quilling can be used to craft delicate, wearable art pieces.  Yelchuru’s jewellery often features intricate designs and vibrant colours, showcasing the versatility and elegance of quilling in a unique form. Her creations are perfect examples of how traditional quilling techniques can be adapted into modern, stylish accessories.  Explore her website to find out more about her.



  • Lisa Nilsson

Lisa Nilsson stands out for her unique 'Tissue Series,' where she uses quilling techniques to create detailed anatomical cross-sections. Her works are renowned for their precision and ability to replicate the textures and colors of human tissue in paper. These intricate pieces are a fascinating intersection of art and science. Learn more about Lisa's work on her website



Three dimensional turtle art made using paper quilling techniques in green, yellow and grey colours on a plain light coloured wood background
Paper Quilled Turtle by Quilliance - Philippa Reid
  • Philippa Reid

Philippa Reid is a Somerset-based quilling artist who specialises in three-dimensional quilled sculptures. Her work demonstrates the sculptural potential of quilled paper, turning it into intricate, stand-alone art pieces. Reid's quilling artistry brings a unique perspective to the craft, showcasing how paper can be molded into various forms and structures. For a glimpse of her stunning work, visit her Instagram -



aper Quilling Summer Flowers – Anemone, Coneflower, Astrantia and Wild Rose by ManuK in vibrant red, yellow and orange on a light grey background
Summer Flowers - Manu K
  • Manuelo Koosch

Manuela Koosch uses quilling to create intricate and detailed artworks, often inspired by nature. Her work is characterised by a meticulous attention to detail and a delicate, nuanced approach to paper art. Koosch's creations beautifully showcase the elegance and versatility of quilling. To view some of her exquisite designs, check out her Instagram


The artistry and innovation of these quilling masters, from Yulia Brodskaya's vibrant compositions to Lisa Nilsson's anatomical wonders, exemplify the vast potential and beauty of paper quilling. They serve as an inspiration for both beginners and experienced quillers alike, showcasing the limitless creative possibilities this craft offers.


  • Rachel Warrilow

We are thrilled to announce that our Summer Craft Retreat will feature Rachel Warrilow of The Quirky Quillers as the paper quilling tutor. Rachel brings her wealth of knowledge and creativity to the retreat, offering participants an unparalleled opportunity to learn and grow in their quilling journey. And, anyone who wears such an awesome pencil fascinator and a dress like this will definitely fit right in with the Curious Creatives Community.

Don't you agree?

Join us from 15th to 19th July 2024, at Kingham Hill School in the Cotswolds, for an immersive experience in the art of paper quilling, where you can learn from Rachel, develop your skills, and be inspired by the masters of this exquisite craft. Spaces are limited, so be sure to secure your spot for this unique and enriching experience!

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