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Chain Maille Jewellery
Chain Maille Jewellery
Chain Maille Jewellery

Fleur Hastings

Chain maille, often spelled as "chainmail" or "chainmaille," is a traditional crafting technique that involves creating intricate patterns or weaves using small metal rings. Historically, chain maille was primarily used for creating armor to protect warriors in battle, but today it's widely appreciated for its artistic and decorative applications.

In the context of jewellery making and crafts, chain maille involves interlocking metal rings in various patterns to create unique and visually appealing designs. Crafters use different ring sizes, materials (such as aluminum, stainless steel, or copper), and colours to achieve desired aesthetics. The resulting chain maille pieces can range from delicate and ornate jewellery items to larger decorative pieces like wall hangings and suncatchers.

Chain maille offers endless possibilities for creativity, making it a popular choice among artisans and crafters looking to produce intricate, handmade jewellery and accessories.

Here's what 3 days on a chain maille course with Fleur looks like.

Day One: Master the Art of Chain Maille Necklace Creation
Unlock your creativity as you delve into the enchanting world of chain maille jewellery. On this immersive day, you'll craft your very own Inverted Round Maille Necklace, adorned with exquisite gemstones at its heart. Fleur will also teach you the intricate art of rosary link chain construction, ensuring your necklace is a masterpiece of elegance and craftsmanship. Discover the joy of creating wearable art!

Day Two: Capture the Sunlight with Chain Maille Suncatchers
Let the sunshine in as you explore the beauty of chain maille through a different lens. You'll create a mesmerising Chain Maille Suncatcher that dances with the glint of gemstones and the organic charm of driftwood. Experience the magic of transforming simple materials into a captivating piece of art that will adorn your home and brighten your day.

Day Three: Transform Chain Maille into Your Signature Jewellery
Unleash your inner artisan as you dive into the world of chain maille once more. This time, you'll design and craft a stunning ensemble: a Chain Maille Bracelet, a Pendant, and a pair of Earrings, all featuring the intricate Butterfly weave. These pieces will not only express your unique style but also showcase your newfound mastery of chain maille. Elevate your jewellery game to new heights!

Join Fleur on this enchanting 3-day journey, and become a chain maille artisan. With hands-on guidance and a passion for creativity, you'll bring these exquisite creations to life and discover the boundless possibilities of this ancient craft.

Chain Maille Jewellery
Chain Maille Jewellery


*Additional material cost approximately 


Payable on retreat direct to tutor

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