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Curious Creatives Retreats

15th to 19th July 2024

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Bezel Collage PNG_edited.jpg
Mixed Media image 4.jpg
Gem set rings.jpg
Bezel 3.jpg
Mixed Media image 1_edited.jpg
Gem set pendant.jpg
Picture 4 - Necklace.jpg
Picture 1 - Canes.jpg
Beaded Rope 3.jpg
Fi Potter FB Profile Picture_edited_edit
Profile Picture_edited_edited.png

Fiona Potter - Mixed Media Artist


Vivien Hussey - Beaded Jewellery

Bezel Collage PNG_edited_edited_edited.j
Profile Picture - Caroline Casswell_edited.png

Caroline Casswell - Polymer Clay

Picture 5 Trinket bowl_edited.png
Wendy Murphy - Profile picture_edited.png
Profile Picture 1.jpg
Fold formed Earrings_edited.png

Wendy Murphy - Silversmith Jeweller

Fleur Hastings - Chain Maille

Chainmaille Pendant 1_edited.jpg
Curious Creatives Tutors
Chainmaille Pendant 1_edited.jpg
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