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Metal Clay Jewellery
Metal Clay Jewellery
Metal Clay Jewellery

Tracey Spurgin

Welcome to the world of Silver Clay Jewellery Making with Master Artist and Tutor, Tracey Spurgin!

Over the course of three days, Tracey will be your expert guide, leading you through an exciting journey of creativity and craftsmanship.

Discover the Magic of Silver Clay
Ever wondered how to transform humble silver clay into stunning, wearable works of art? Tracey's expertise will unveil the secrets as she walks you through each step, ensuring you grasp the process with ease. Whether you're new to this fascinating craft or looking to take your silver clay skills to new heights, this workshop is designed for you.

Craft Your Dreams into Reality
During this immersive experience, you'll embark on a journey to create exquisite Jewellery pieces. From crafting intricate earrings and stylish pendants to designing elegant rings, you'll have the chance to explore your creativity and build your confidence as an artisan.

Add Your Unique Touch
One of the joys of working with silver clay is the ability to infuse your personality into every piece. Discover how to incorporate sparkling gems or infuse vibrant colours using inks and resins. Your Jewellery will reflect not only your skills but also your individual style.

What to Bring
All you need to bring are your reading glasses or an Optivisor if you use them, ensuring you're ready for detailed, hands-on work. An apron is also recommended to protect your clothing. Additionally, consider bringing a lovely box or bag to safely carry your precious jewellery creations home.

Tracey's Support
Tracey generously provides all the tools and equipment you'll need for the workshop, ensuring a hassle-free experience. She'll be there to assist you every step of the way.

Silver Clay Unveiled
For those new to the world of silver metal clay, it's a versatile material made of tiny, pure silver particles suspended in a binder. Once fired, the binder burns away, leaving you with a 99.9% pure silver piece (for comparison sterling silver is 92.5% silver). It's a magical substance that allows for intricate designs and creativity like no other.

Invest in Your Craft
To cover the cost of silver clay and materials, budget £125, payable directly to Tracey at the start of the course. Cash is preferred, but card payments are also accepted for your convenience. If you're inspired to continue your creative journey, Tracey offers additional tools, materials, sterling silver findings, and equipment for purchase, with no obligation.

Join us for an unforgettable three-day journey into the world of silver clay Jewellery making. Unleash your creativity, build your skills, and craft Jewellery that reflects your unique style and personality under the guidance of the remarkable Tracey Spurgin. Your artistic adventure awaits!

Metal Clay Jewellery
Metal Clay Jewellery


*Additional material cost approximately 


Payable on retreat direct to tutor

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