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Caroline Casswell

Step into the vibrant world of Caroline, a masterful creator who wears many artistic hats – she's a Polymer clay jeweller, Mosaic artist, and recycled paper cut art virtuoso. With an insatiable curiosity, Caroline has elevated these diverse art forms to entirely new levels of imagination and intricacy. Each of her creations is a thrilling odyssey into the realms of colour and form, brimming with its own distinct character and enchanting narrative.

In her realm of Polymer clay jewellery, Caroline conjures up one-of-a-kind, lightweight treasures that effortlessly infuse style into any ensemble. Each piece is a symphony of intricate patterns, born from the fusion of separate clay colours and a medley of artisanal techniques. It's like crafting wearable art that's as unique as you are, with a story woven into every design.

But Caroline isn't just an artist – she's a passionate teacher, too. Having shared her Polymer Clay Jewellery expertise at the last two Craft Retreats, she's now eagerly inviting students into the mesmerising world of mosaic art. Under her expert guidance, students embark on a transformative journey, turning mundane tiles into spectacular, one-of-a-kind artworks that burst with colour and shape.

So, whether you're looking to adorn yourself with Caroline's exclusive jewellery or join her on a creative adventure at the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat, prepare to be captivated by her boundless passion and unending pursuit of artistic excellence. Your journey into the fascinating world of Caroline's artistry awaits – let the colours, patterns, and stories sweep you away!

Caroline Casswell

Caroline Casswell Creative

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