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Connie Flower

Meet Connie, the creative genius behind Connie Flower Art, where imagination knows no bounds!

Connie is a Welsh artisan who waves her magic through a colourful array of materials: wood, leather, cork, canvas, and even paper, all ignited by the art of Pyrography.

But Connie is more than just an artist; she's the heart and soul of her craft. With every stroke and burn, she conjures one-of-a-kind jewellery, functional homeware, and breathtaking wood art that's destined to elevate your living space.

But here's the real kicker: Connie isn't content to keep her talents to herself. She's a road warrior on a mission to spread the Pyrography love far and wide, and has been caught in action at creative events where she introduces and teaches the world the joys of her craft. She's graced the stage at the NEC in Birmingham during the Creative Craft Show, and she's been part of the spectacular Makers Central, a global gathering of creative minds.

Not to mention, Connie's work isn't confined to the studio. You can find her showcasing her exquisite creations at esteemed craft markets all around the country.

And for the cherry on top, Connie is thrilled to be a tutor at the Curious Creatives Craft Retreat! Join her there for an unforgettable journey into the world of art and creativity. ✨🎨

Connie Flower
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